party information

New Adult platters

We have teamed up Creating Grazing to bring parties at Plaster Fun House something exciting. Grazing Boxes currently available in a number of sizes to suit any party. Great if you just want something for the adults but kids and fruit platters are also available.



Gourmet Local charcuterie Grazing Platter boxes are available to order when booking a party at the Plaster Fun House, simply book over the phone when booking or confirming a party.

48 hours notice required

New Fruit or Kids platters are NOW AVAILABLE 

Creating Grazing

Party Information

All party children are provided with painting aprons or smocks, paint brushes, water, paint, glitter, glitter paint, varnish, basic decorations. 

Package 1
$17.00 per child

Our party packages provide a host who will manage your party, allocate time to each section, clean up painting mess, instruct children, control game, keep children entertained. 

Package 2
$22.00 per child

Customize your party, book for a little party or book the whole venue, bring in food or have us cater it, upgrade plaster sizes, bring in extra prizes, we can always cater for your needs

DIY Party
$12.00 per child

Party FAQ, Rules & Invites are below


Package 1.

$17.00 per child (minimum of 6)

private party room

Party host

plaster model

paint, varnish & glitter

One small plaster mould

$10.00 voucher for birthday child

Choice of drink

Choice of packet of chips

one lolly bag each

present for the Birthday child

one party game with a prize

duration 1 and a half hours






Package 2

$22.oo per child (minimum of 10)

Everything in package number one

Private party room

Party host

Plaster model

paint, varnish & glitter

One small plaster mold

$10.00 voucher for birthday child

Choice of drink

Choice of a packet of chips

One lolly bag each

Present for the Birthday child

One party game with a prize


An ice cream cake

Pies, sausage rolls & nuggets

Duration 2 hours


DIY Party


$12 per child

Duration 1 and a half hour

Allocated area for the children

Plaster model 

inc paint, varnish, glitter and decorations


This is a DIY party, we do not provide any host, cleaning, games, food or time management. So please be aware you will have to do this all yourself. 


!!! Invites !!!


Party Rules & FAQ

  • No party poppers, sparklers, blowers or noisy novelties.
  • Parties guest and attendees must be out of the room no later than 15 minutes after the party has finished. 
  • You must supply all your catering needs, cutlery, napkin, matches, candles, knife etc... unless you get Party Package 2.
  • 1 parent must remain at the party at all times.
  • No glass bottles, jugs or glass of any kind is allowed in the store. 
  • Please do not assume that because you haven't confirmed, that your party is canceled. You must ring up and cancel the party.
  • No open cups. Drinks should have lids or pop tops, we do this to avoid spillages.  
  • NO ALCOHOL is allowed on the premises. We do NOT encourage parents to drive home with children after a glass or two. 

Frequently asked questions

Can we extend parties?

Yes, parties can be extended upon request for $30 when you book the party. Not always possible.

Do you provide a knife, plates, candles or matches?

ONLY if you book party package 2. If not the case then no, we do not provide any of these.

What happens if guest arrive late?

If guest arrive any later then 30 minutes, painting is no longer possible. But they can still attend the remainder of the party and still receive a plaster to either take home or paint with their parents in the public area after the party has finished.

Can we bring in a face painter, clown or entertainer?

Yes, you can bring in any of these, but you will need to add on an extra 30min which will cost $30. You can then pick which section of the party you'd like for the entertainer to take over. Example before or after painting, maybe before cake or at the end of the party, it is up to you.

What happens if you go over our party time?

This should not happen if you pick package 1 or 2 as we host the party and time it perfectly. But sometimes we have the odd party where the parents stick around and unfortunately are very reluctant to leave or vacate the party room. If the does happen this means you will be charged the $30 late fee per half hour. If you selected the DIY Party we are not in charge of the timing at all. This means if you have not completed the games, food, cake or eating within this time and go over your time slot, you will be charged $30 per half hour.

Do you provide room for parents?

Our party rooms are set up for the children only, but there is room for parents to stick around and take a seat. The children will move across two areas of the room depending on what section of the party we are doing, this means parents can sit on the other side or just stand around. Please remember this party room is for the children, not dedicated for the adults. A large amount of adults and multipule prams will not fit in the room.

Is there a Maximum amount?

No, we can cater upto 150 guest (sitting down painting). Parties tend to book for 10 - 18 or 24 guest. We can do larger parties and you can even hire out the whole venue.

What happens if guest don't arrive?

As long as you meet the minimum amount, we only charge per head/painting. You sometimes might have guest that are too old or young to paint but still want to be apart of the party, as long as they don't recieve anything we provide to you in the party package, you won't be charged. Example, they can recieve anything your provided for your party (food, lolly bags, ect) but they can't recieve a juice box, food, game or any painting from us.

How does the deposit work?

Once the party is booked in, you have 2 weeks to pay a non refundable $50 deposit. This must be done during our opening hours.