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Plaster Fun House is a franchise that has been around for generations. something you do for every child for at least one of their birthdays. It's fun entertainment, keeps the kid's quiet and you get to take something home with you that will last forever. Plaster Fun House Unley has been in the same shopping center for over 17 years and is relocating to Wayville this year. We bring in new moulds every month and there is always something to paint, the hardest part is deciding which one. The venus is child-friendly and full of things to do. If a sibling is painting and one gets bored, we have a playroom that will keep them occupied for a while.

Plaster Fun House Unley/Wayville is owned by Dianna, this year will be her 10th anniversary with Plaster Fun House. She started her passion for plaster as a way to keep her young children occupied. It then turned into making some for her children's classmates. Eventually, she had enough plaster figurines and moulds to open a stall at the Port Adelaide Markets. She opened every Sunday for 4 years. Dianna's husband came across the Unley franchise and on July first, 2009, she opened the store as the new owner. Many changes have occurred over the years, and Dianna has gone through some traumatic injuries and health difficulties but that hasn't stopped her. 

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