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  • How much does it cost?
    We do not charge per head unless it is a party. We only charge per plaster. This can start at $4 and work its way up to $22 depending on the size. Our most popular items range around the $7 to $12 mark. Money boxes and ceramics average around $14 each.
  • What is included in the price?
    Each plaster has its own price, this price includes the use of: Paint Glitter Paint Glitter Varnish Water Paint brushes Apron/Smock
  • Are decorations included?
    No, decorations are not included. Basic gogglie eyes are apon request, but everything else starts at about 10c up to $2.
  • Can we bring in party food or presents without booking a party?
    No, we do not allowed any party food, cake or presents in store, without booking in a birthday party. We now have a DIY Party, in this package you get a plaster and reserved seating. Visit our party page for more information.
  • How long does it take to paint?
    We do not have a required time frame as every pocaso is different. Some children can take 2 minutes and be done and some can take 2 hours. This really depends on the child. We do request you arrive no later then 3:45pm, due to the fact we really don't enjoy rushing customers before closing time. If something happens or you need to be somewhere but are half way through painting, you can leave your painting with us for up to 3 months or just take it home and come back to finish it another time.
  • Does the paint stain?
    It can, yes. We do provide aprons but these are not fool proof, paint can sometimes seep through the smock and get on clothes. majority of our paints can be washed out, but there are a few that can leave a mark. As long as the children are not physically and purposely painting the apron, you should have no worries. Can it stain Skin? Some glitter paints can leave a pink trace on the skin, but this would only be the case if you decided to start finger painting, which we do not encourage.
  • Do children need to be supervised?
    Yes, please do not drop your children off. Young teenages do not quality as appropriate supervision for younger siblings.
  • Does our plasters need varnishing?
    No, if you request no varnishing we will not varnish it. We do automaticly varnish it to seel in the paint creating a longer lasting paster, but this isn't required if you do not want it.
  • Are the fumes from the varnish toxic?
    No, our varnish is non toxic and not harmful. Because you are visitor and not breathing it in up close, it will do no harm. When we spray the varnish, we do so in a spray booth that has a fan to suck up any fumes.
  • Do you take box donations?
    YES!!! When you visit Plaster Fun House most of the time you'll revieve a box for put your plaster in once finished, depending on the size and supply. This is only possible by us going to coles or wollies and taking the empty boxes from their shelves. Unfortunately this is not always possible. So we really appreciate any cardboard box donations. It dosn't matter the size, every bit helps.
  • Is there parking?
    We do not have allocated parking, but our side street (Young Street) has parking on both sides. No limits on the weekends! Because we in Wayville, the showground tends to have large events which result in restricted parking during those times. This shouldn't be an issue as we have some allocated parking a few shops down at 319 Young street, you'll see the sign for parking.
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